About Me

I first began my training and started working in counselling in 1992. This was born out of my own personal experience in counselling a few years prior. At this particular time in my life, when I decided to seek some outside support, I felt at breaking point and was going through a major crisis. So, this is where my walk in therapy began and because this had been a positive, supportive and healing experience for me, I later made the decision to train in the field so that I could also offer this healing gift to others.

During these last 22 years my therapy journey has been extensive and I have gained a tremendous amount of experience. From all of the various trainings, working environments’ and diverse client groups, as well as from my own life experiences, personal growth and development. This has now all become an integrative whole which contributes to the therapist that I have become. I also feel that I have gained a sufficient amount of clarity to my own world  view, which informs me and allows me to hold as a backdrop to my own life; as well as giving me valuable insights to my clients’ presenting issues, experiences and how they may view their own world.