Hello there, my name is Elayne – Welcome! Thank you for visiting my website, I guess that because you have reached here, found me and are reading this, you probably would like some support. And I would very much like to hear from you.

My work is with individuals and couples’ and I work with all forms of human  suffering, whether this is mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual pain. My special interest is in personal development, because it is from my experience that whatever first brings an individual, or couple into counselling, or psychotherapy has enormous potential for transformation and ultimately personal growth.

It could be something quite small that has happened, a difficulty that may have been troubling you for some time, or perhaps a full-on crisis which has occurred and although you may have experienced many difficulties in the past, now for some reason  your feeling stuck. And unable to move forward, you’ve lost your way, so to speak and can’t see the wood for the trees.

At a bridge towards healing my aim is to offer you a confidential and safe  space whereby you can explore all of your thoughts, feelings and emotions which may have become a little muddled. This is a normal state to be in from time, to time. And when you are in this mixed up place, it can be really useful to have someone who is neutral, out of your normal circle of family and friends. This experience can be likened to a blank canvas, because there are no preconceived ideas and no personal investments for keeping you in a certain way. It is at times like these where having someone totally anonymous and is non-judgemental that a space can then open up within you, allowing for healing and transcendence to occur.