My way of working

The way I work is face to face, by phone and Skype.

As I have briefly stated on my home page – I work with the individual, or couple and the only starting premise would be that everything is surmountable. “Where there is a strong enough will – there is always a way”! Other than this core belief everything else is neutral and would be uniquely blended to suit the individual, or couple; whereby we would formulate what your particular needs are.

Because we each have a completely different set of values, beliefs and way of being in the world and within that way of being; there are many factors that make up each and everyone. Or put another way what would work for one person, or  relationship would certainly not work for another. It would therefore follow that within the therapy space there needs to be a diversity of various attributes and qualities to draw on, if need be.

One of those differences is we each have our own pace in life and just how far we can go, or choose to go, so this would be another important factor. And is an extremely important consideration, that each individual can begin taking ownership and feel that they are  in charge of their own process, meaning that the therapeutic journey is a shared one. There is no expert only companions in the search and struggle to make sense and find  meaning. Although there may be times where the balance can feel tipped and out of sync; at these times an aspect of the work would be to restore balance and harmony.

By trying to explain the therapeutic encounter, it does make it all sound rather mechanical and this is certainly not the case. Because once the foundations are in place, meaning the contract, which would include time boundaries, confidentiality, fees, cancellation policies and anything else that we have together highlighted to be included in the contract frame; then a safe environment has been created and this would provide the nurture and support for the ultimate growth needed so that transformation can emerge.

When  the safety of the therapeutic container has been established and the initial contract is in place (which doesn’t mean that the contract is fixed and written in stone, because it is always open to negotiation and can be modified and changed at any given time.) This then enables the therapy space – the container to be a safe place of holding.

I see a bridge towards healing as precisely that – a space that enables you to gently unpick and make sense of your crisis, or difficulties – whatever may have first brought you looking for a place of  refuge. And even though at that time it may not feel very much like a refuge, because it could be a painful experience to unlock and look at all of the various strands of thoughts and emotions; which at this point in your life may have become a little jumbled.

Therefore an aspect of therapy would be to separate out and untangle everything which has become mixed up; to begin to  gain a deeper sense of clarity. Then the process of elimination can begin in the safety of the therapeutic space, where outdated and fixed ideas can dissolve. This is when your life can begin to flow again freeing up spaciousness within you to create fresh dimensions and new choices, if this is what you choose to do.