Training and Work experience

I first started my training with bereavement and worked in an agency for bereavement, loss and disability. This was a wonderful start to my training, because I was fully able to experience and witness the enormous strength and courage humans can endure.

My formal training began with the foundations in integrative counselling and it was during that year that I experienced a flavour of most of the therapies. This was the first time that I had encountered the existential approach and once I had completed the foundation year, I decided to change direction and moved to a college to study the existential model. So my first diploma is in existential psychotherapy and counselling phenomenology – which loosely means making sense of and finding meaning within your own existence, understanding that you have choices and taking responsibility for choosing, or not making a choice, whatever the case may be. This felt like a very empowering concept to me, as opposed to just being a victim of all our past circumstances.

After the completion of my first diploma, I went on and trained in various perspectives of therapy and healing. Including energetic healings, the transpersonal approach, working with dreams and mindfulness based therapy, as well as many other orientations. I am also a trained relationship counsellor, as well as a qualified integrative supervisor and offer clinical supervision to other therapists.

My work has taken me to many places and I have had the great privilege of working in diverse areas, communities and with a broad spectrum of client groups.